Leading church members to a closer commitment to God through their financial and physical support of the church is both a responsibility and a reward of serving on the Stewardship and Finance Ministry.
Members of Faith United are welcome to attend our meetings and join the team..​​   


​Responsibilities include:
     •Review of resources for stewardship interpretation and education.
   •Design of a stewardship campaign to inform the congregation about the church's mission and needs.
   •Determining the date of the dedication of pledges subject to Session approval.
   •Exploring ways to interpret good stewardship to the congregation throughout the year.
   •Preparing an annual budget and presenting it to the congregation subject to Session approval.
   •Reviewing expenses and receipts throughout the year to report and recommend to Session.
   •Administer the memorial funds.
   •Develop and implement an investment program for church funds.
   •See that bills are paid which is done by the treasurer.
   •Arrange for the annual audit.
   •Present certain mission opportunities to the congregation.


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