October 12-31

Come out and see us for pumpkins, gourds and family fun!

About Us

Opening in 2013 Faith United Pumpkins is staffed by members of the church and volunteers from the community each October. All proceeds are split between funding next years patch, local food pantries and the Feed My Starving Children organization. Admission is free to all. We sell pumpkins, gourds, crafts and have a kids maze. We also have Pumpkinfest on the weekeds which has kids games, food and live music. Each year we add new and exciting elements to our ever expanding ministry. Please like us on Facebook to stay up to date with new additions and our patch dates for the year.


Where do we get the pumpkins?

Pumpkin Patch Fundraisers began 31 years ago.  A farmer with some pumpkins (Richard Hamby) met a minister with a need for funds. The farmer agreed to let the church sell the pumpkins and they would share the proceeds. There was no contract, no legal proceedings, just a handshake and trust in each other. Thirty-one years later, while the minister has moved on and the congregation has changed, that church is still doing a Pumpkin Patch every October to fund their goals.Their success and loyalty allowed us to offer the project to more churches. This partnership has been the key element in our growth. Today the Pumpkin Patch Family of churches and other non-profit organizations is made up of over 1300 locations, over 30 denominations in 48 states and is still growing. The amazing part is that the relationship between us (we are still the farmers) and you remains based on faith and trust. For more info visit their page http://www.pumpkinsusa.com


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